[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] China's first Nike running category as well as the world's first basketball experience store experience store category respectively on May 30 and 31 in Beijing Sanlitun Swire in (former Sanlitun Village) and the Zhongguancun Europe Meeting Mall grand opening, two stores were nearly 400 square meters of business area. From training, competition, casual to service, sports shop category experience will provide the most innovative products and the most in-depth consumer experience. Mr. Hao Anlong Nike Greater China vice president of retail, said: "Nike's mission is to serve the athletes, we have been innovative efforts at different levels, from product, to experience the service running and ba cheap jordan shoes for men sketball is China's most development potential, the most attention and participation. two sports. Nike hoped that the new concept store experience both sports category enables us to connect with consumers in a more in-depth technology. " Nike concept store category experience from providing love such as running, basketball and other sports 365 days a full range of consumer products and services to meet consumer from training, competition and leisure products to the needs and services. Nike since 2011, respectively, in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai has opened four Nike brand experience stores, plus the unveiling of the new Nike store experience category, will provide consumers with a full range of Nike brand from a single cate Cheap air jordans for sale gory of the most complete sports and deepen the consumer experience. Running tidal locking, so that runners enjoy running professional upgrading and culture Nike running category experience store located in Beijing's famous fashion "boom" to Sanlitun orange across the hall. In the embassy area and CBD and is surrounded by the love of running and gathered in Sanlitun partial younger consumer groups. Experience in innovation and services, running a professional category experience store will offer a range of upgrade services, including through the gait analysis to every runner provide for their own running equipment; to prepare for large-scale running events provide runners race preparation knowledge and systems training co cheap jordans online urses to help them to become "seasoned" marathon runners. Provided exclusively designed for female runners running running series of products as well as classic retro version of Nike sports lifestyle products. In addition, Nike Running Club (Nike + Run Club) will run every Tuesday in this category experience stores hold events, and there are runners experts on-site guidance, but also for running club members the opportunity to give priority to try the newest Nike running equipment. to build the capital of basketball culture, provide basketball fans from the stadium to the whole experience of the streets Adjacent to many universities and high-tech industrial park in Beijing's Zhongguancun area gathered backbone of basketba cheap foamposites ll. Nike is the world's first basketball category shop is located in the heart of Zhongguancun. In addition to running the Sanlitun store to provide consumers with the same brand of basketball and JORDAN BRAND Nike basketball products, and the unique experience of innovative professional category, the uniqueness of the Nike basketball Zhongguancun store is also reflected in a large number of Beijing into the cultural elements of basketball, where you can see the Beijing grassroots basketball, "Holy Land" Dongdan basketball court fence design, Beijing basketball culture artists such as decorative painting and photography related, which fully demonstrates the "Beijing basketball never put out" (Beijing Basketball Never Stops) s Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping pirit . (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)The trade dispute in the world has come to the big shoe confused turning mark. With Italy as the leader of the EU's shoe-making power hand filed anti-dumping charges on China shoes, hand on the Chinese market frequently handed out an olive branch to the shoe show will be staged in Beijing in October this year to the end of the Imperial Palace is a typical example. This reflects all sorts of reflection and changes that China's commodities have entered into the world market in a large scale, which is of universal significance. used to be proud of the footwear industry in Italy, is now besieged on all sides. In the past 5 years, the coun cheap jordans for sale mens try's shoe production has gradually declined and exports have continued to decline. According to the Italy footwear Federation statistics, in 2004, the country's shoe imports exceeded exports for the first time. The shoes flowing into Italy mainly come from Asia, especially china. Roaming the streets of Rome, Milan, and Venice, you'll find a wide array of Chinese shoes, not Italy shoes. This is a huge blow for the country that has been hailed as a global shoe trend by fashion. Soldini, President of the Italy footwear Federation, worries: "the output of footwear has been reduced, exports have declined, and imports have grown. This is unprecedented.". Italy shoemaker has always sought novelty and change, and strive for quality Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping and style of shoes. But in the face of the present situation, there is nothing we can do." the annual output of Chinese shoes is about 8 billion pairs, and most of the exports have occupied the whole of America and most of europe. Italy shoe industry will be blamed for the downturn in Chinese shoes, the Chinese shoes led to Italy's local footwear industry to collapse, leaving nearly 8000 footwear workers lost jobs, threatening 40 thousand jobs. It is said that since January last year, "open borders", imported China shoes suddenly increased by 700%, the "world shoe" rushed staggering. The wholesale price of a pair of Chinese shoes is only three or four euro, while the production cost of Italy shoes is at least 5 times to 6 t Retro jordans for sale imes that of this price. The industry certainly knows why. A worker in Italy has a monthly salary of 2000 euros, compared with about 50 to 100 euros for Chinese workers. In particular, what makes them feel helpless is that the quality of Chinese shoes is not bad, and the shoes made of synthetic materials are not much different from those of Italy shoes". in Italy as the representative of the EU shoe China shoes were accused of "dumping", requiring re enabled protective tariff has been out of date, in early July the EU draft, intended to use the quota system for the anti-dumping measures proposed by China raised fierce opposition, China thinks that the quota system in clear violation of the internal WTO and the anti EU dumpi cheap jordans for sale ng. European Union countries are also worried that the quota system is protectionist and will violate the rules of trade. Therefore, the draft from the European Commission is rejected. at the end of July, the EU has issued second final scheme, all produced China leather shoes to levy 16.5% anti-dumping duty, Chinese only obtain the market economy status box shoe shoe industry rate of 9.7%. The EU for products from the China shoe anti-dumping final, the final decision will be made in October. And in October, the third China International Footwear Fair will be.) 18, Jinjiang major projects hundreds of "two business" (completed), 50 investment projects signed. The open (completed) and signing of the project, both sports sh Retro jordans for sale oes and clothing, paper manufacturing and other traditional industries, there are also high-end information technology industry, green energy etc.. (Editor: Edit) Ransom by Adidas Originals first exposure; 2011 spring and summer Neoprene Curb shoes. Designed to double tone color way to show, functional is not to be underestimated, the use of neoprene shoes, waterproof design and suede material, still showing texture. In addition, a breathable, easy to clean design is also available on the sole of the shoe, which is expected to be on sale in 2011 January. [page] subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, Nike Air Max 90 iDNike SB Harajuku new headquarters Warehouse mystery list comments on a new Air Max 90 iD Nike Harajuku next: Nike SB Warehouse headquarters of the mysterious New Balance this season will be brought to the United States 996 production workshop, launched a new M996GK new color design. The new gray as the main theme, the vamp on suede and mesh splicing, the designers in shades of grey in the body of the shoe to be decorated, and with red shoelaces and shoes in the wine competition at present, which is M996GK this pair of classic create unique image. This 996 is not a RevLite version, but the ENCAP system is still providing a comfortable shock experience. PUMA 2014 fall winter Trinomic XT1 Plus new color design details full Starcow x New Balance 2014 fall joint 1500 series comments on last article: PUMA 2014, fall winter, Trinomic, XT1, Plus, new color design next article: full details, Starcow, x, New, Balance, 2014, fall, joint 1500 seriesThe new adidas Originals JS Wings 2013-12-08 debut 2 Indian wind 22:49:17 two days before we bring you a two Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott the new pink poodle and camouflage design bears although animal elements than before the shoes with a little new, but is generally still a superficial reform. Today to introduce the wings of shoes is Jeremy Scott this brings find everything fresh and new, Indian wind elements for us, the Indians exaggerated facial design loaded into the large tongue, plus wings are Indian cultural feeling of feathers, the whole shoe exudes a wild and intractable feeling. It is reported that this shoe will be released in mid March next year, interested friends can pay close attention to it.We have repeatedly reported the Armour Curry double Under One today unveiled its official sale information, the whole shoe body with anafoam material to build, in order to reach through the structure support effect, and in the bottom with charged cushioning technology, perfect to ensure the comfort of shoes. Shape design continues the simplicity and fluency of the brand, while the color is a big fuss. It is reported that this pair of Under Armour Curry One will be officially released on February 13th during the all star game, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.