The day before New Balance's classic 530 released a new design, new selection of texture class suede crafted, while the use of punching design to enhance the overall permeability, finally carrying upgrade the bottom in REVlite show. This series covers blue and white and light brown three colors, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. new-balance-530-re-engineered-1.jpg (248.16 KB, download number: 18) download New Balance 530 version suede 2017-2-4 08:40 upload new-balance-530-re-engineered-2.jpg (255.48 KB, download number: 14) download New Balance 530 version suede 2017-2-4 08:41 upload new-balance-530-re-engineered-3.jpg (189.22 KB, download number: 16) download New Balance 530 version suede 2017-2-4 08:40 upload new-balance-530-re-engineered-5.jpg (261.72 KB, download number: 16) download New Balance 530 version suede 2017-2-4 08:40 upload new-balanc Retro jordans for sale e-530-re-engineered-4.jpg (204.12 KB, download number: 15) download New Balance 530 version suede 2017-2-4 New Balance 53000 08:40 uploadThe Adidas Originals officially launched to create NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar low version signature shoe Abdul-Jabbar, the use of high-quality white leather to create the classic shoe body, with a blue outline side of the iconic three bars, followed by Adidas Logo, also have an ulterior motive by suede toe embellishment, finally do the old EVA in the end is the reduction of the design of the original double was born in 1970. adidas-originals-2014-spring-abdul-jabbar-low-1.jpg (77.74 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-21 10:21 upload adidas-originals-2014-spring-abdul-jabbar-low-2.jpg (93.41 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-21 10:22 upload adidas-originals-2014-spring-abdul-jabbar-low-3.jpg (99.77 KB, download number: 0) d Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ownload 2014-3-21 Kareem Abdul Jabbar 00 10:22 uploadTokyo shoes name of the atmos and Reebok together, for the fall of 2015 to create a new Ventilator shoes. The simplicity of the design as a whole is black, selection of interlaced mesh and leather uppers, collocation ink point hexalite slow epicenter bottom at the same time also royal blue dotted the lace holes and suede vector stripes, insole joint brand label for shoes perfect ending. X Reebok Ventilator atmos is now available on the atmos online store. source: atmos& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Nike basketball 2015 "play tricks" summit on June 12 was held at the Nike headquarters in Shanghai, Nike basketball player Bradley - Bill (Bradley Beal ), Chinese basketball famous coach Wang Fei, Guo Shiqiang, "black" Chen states, as well as 2014 "play tricks" three MVP players yellow legal Yao, Li cheap jordans online Guan Yang and Woosung Wei gathered to share their basketball story, to discuss the development of Chinese youth basketball. the past two decades, the rapid development of basketball. With the introduction of basketball facilities, equipment, universal, and a variety of basketball activities, so that more and more young people fall in love with basketball, the rapid growth of Chinese youth basketball population. As the world's leading sports brand, Nike has always attached importance to the development of youth basketball to help teenagers improve the level of basketball in Greater China, by creating a variety of platforms, launched a variety of activities, so that young athletes can fully show themselves, given the opportunity to continuously upgrade, Enjoy basketball bring happiness. Chinese famous basketball player Yao Ming also encourage the young people to actively participate in b cheap jordans for sale mens asketball, he said: "The fight is not just to enter the professional basketball team, it can serve many purposes, know more friends, hone their will, etc. etc. Any one of them could become a driving force 'play tricks', rather than just to be a technically better athlete. " Nike importance to China two decades Youth Basketball Development summit the same day, the 13th Asia Nike Camp (Nike All Asia Basketball Camp) also in Shanghai ended. Training camp brings together eight countries and regions elite youth basketball players, Nike basketball player Bill Bradley ?, ? DeMarcus Cousins ??(DeMarcus Cousins) and a strong lineup for coach these young players offer a system a high level of training. Nike adhere to hold training camp in Asia, hoping to dig out an effective selection mechanism has basketball talent teenager, and further provides more opportunities for exposure to high levels of Cheap air jordans for sale training and competition for them. Beginning in 2002, organized by Nike camp in Asia also made including Yi Jianlian, Ding Yan Yu-hang, noble, Greater China, including hundreds of young athletes receive high water training and competition. Yao during visits Nike Asia basketball camp, said: "When the time basketball becomes a habit, it can train your will, but also to bring you joy, so you do not consciously enjoy it, enjoy Every sound emitted basketball on the court beat and basketball into the basket every time. " As the world's leading sports brand, Nike Greater China has always been concerned about the development of youth basketball. Since 1996, Nike has invited Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhelin, Zhou Qideng ten young Chinese players, went to the United States to participate in the Nike Hoop Summit (Nike Hoop Summit), for them to showcase their talent on the international stage. In addition cheap jordans for sale to the young athletes to train and help, Nike also paid special attention to grassroots basketball development. In 1997, Nike also will be the first three on three basketball introduced in Greater China, the founder of Chinese high school basketball league sente (CHBL), Chinese Taipei High School League (HBL) and the Hong Kong League Nike (Nike League), Greater China teenagers provide a platform to show themselves, so that more people participate in basketball, affecting a large number of teenagers who love basketball. "Now young people, whether grassroots or a young player, I admire them so much learning platform and opportunities for growth. You even had the opportunity to be like Kobe ? Bryant (Kobe Bryant) such players together play, this is really unimaginable before. "Wang Fei said. challenge themselves growing ? Bill Bradley appeared the summit atmosphere to a climax. Bill and Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping share their own growth story, and his basketball experience. A mother from being forced to play basketball child 6 years old, and today many fans were respected young stars, Bill process and growth in the first line, and slowly come to understand the fun of basketball, happy to accompany him on the road chasing the dream en route. "First of all we want to enjoy the joy of basketball, no matter what you do, I hope you are able to do very happy. No matter what kind of dream you have, go to the chase, the whole process will make you grow harvest of course also have an ambitious goal and a rigorous plan, never give up. "Bill said. superior game performance from the systematic and scientific training. As the year of American youth basketball star Bill Bradley ? and Guo Shiqiang coach talked about the importance of training and competition for young players grow and progress. Bill in high s Retro jordans for sale chool and college basketball have accepted the system of training, but also have participated in Junior Amateur Championship throughout the United States, with excellent training and competition players age, and therefore has made considerable progress. Bill recalls:. "During that time I talked to a lot of masters contest of strength, not only gain confidence but also enhance the game so you have to have conviction, believe they can do it" For the development of young players, former youth team coach Guo Shiqiang Liaoning also gives his advice: "I would tell young players who, in the path of growth, we must lay the basic skills, focusing on basketball skills training and culture basketball philosophy, especially team spirit, which is essential. " Yong chase dreams play tricks In the discussions coming out of the 2014 summit, "play tricks" law yellow three MVP players Yao, Li Guan Ya cheap jordan shoes for men ng and Wu Song Wei's story is like a microcosm of many young people in Greater China. Huang Yao from Hong Kong law in the second grade in the country fell in love with basketball, basketball changes and goals to make him feel a different kind of fun, he progressed rapidly, and soon won the championship in the league and in Hong Kong on behalf of Hong Kong teenagers off Yaqingsai . "Learning" and "Basketball" from the outset along with junior juvenile Shijiazhuang Li Yang's growth outlook, basketball court gain confidence to promote their studies, with honors, he was admitted to the Xi'an University of Technology. Woosung Wei from Taiwan Yunlin out, to accept guidance from the Enlightenment small sandstorm country, to high school to enter the School of Home Economics Sanmin campaign HBL, basketball forging up constantly challenging his heart. Basketball along with their growing years, baske cheap foamposites tball brought them joy and confidence, basketball changed their lives. After the game last year, they went to Barcelona, ??Spain, to participate in the Nike International Basketball Carnival. Just a short time, but also make three MVP fruitful. "Thank you very much last year 'play tricks' Let me have the opportunity to return to the basketball on the road, especially to see my grandmother to the scene to see me play, it has always been my dream." Woosung Wei said, "After last year's game, Let me know better how to cherish, not every opportunity is so easy to get in the stadium and life will not give up. " Last year activities, Li Guan Yang worked at Bryant's scoring one defense, this experience made him gain confidence. Then he put the self-confidence to continue into life. Today, Lee has become a concept foreign students, a model teammate. He said, "'play tricks' I met a better themselves, but let me be more confident and better themselves, however, waiting for me in the front." Because "play tricks" experience, yellow legal Yao first get more support mothers: In the past few see him play mother, now often go to the scene to cheer for him; now, the yellow legal Yao also set a more ambitious goal - to enter professional basketball arena. "Last year's experience has taught me to understand: the goal is to practice step by step, and every step forward, you can make yourself grow some of the physical and mental exercise into a more powerful themselves." Said Huang Yao law. "play tricks" Greater China is the first basketball-themed drama documentaries (Docu-drama), it carries the dream of basketball for all young people, to encourage them no matter what origin, regardless of technical level, as long as dare to think do, full of passion and desire for basketball, constant pursuit of progress and breakthroughs, will be able to appreciate the significance of basketball. "Nike basketball launch of 'playing tricks' activities for teenagers is a good opportunity and platform. Sometimes, very slim chance for us, we need to go through training at the field and try Millions in order to fight for the first time, but it is commendable and it is also high-risk opportunity, so we headed to take better care of it, because this is a growing experience. "Yao said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China Shoes Network) the Japan jeans brand evisu to adhering to the elements of the classic cowboy avant-garde street style binding for everyone to love, this year ushered in the creation of the 25th anniversary of the natural little also not wonderful limited series launched, recently evisu portable hand Chen presided over 3125c released three limited for a single product, will be creative and stylish subversion unprecedented imagination. 3125c aka Turquoise label prive, Edison Chen's artistic taste and unique fashion tentacles and cultural background and the establishment of the brand, 3125c actually is Turquoise in the Pantone color number, named after the color, and more reflect the brand of artistic taste and unique vision. Overwhelmed by evisu x 3125c in design into Chinese wind taste, denim jacket appears in costume style; original cattle match the tassel elements, wash the old retro feeling hand sweep m jeans can also in wearing faster appeared old nature, and wrapping type packaging design, more for this series of China limits to bring unique taste. It is reported that x 3125c 17:00 will be officially on sale in March 12th, EVISU, interested friends may wish to go to the major EVISU shop to buy.